Success Stories

In order to look and feel great, it is important to make time for health and fitness. 

This page goes to prove that you can do anything you put your mind to! Our members are seeing great weight loss results and we couldn’t be more proud of them for their continued dedication to a healthier lifestyle.

For information on individual success stories, click on the pictures below:

Karin P.

Derry, NH

“Each time I leave Renew Fitness I feel a sense of accomplishment, ready to conquer whatever life throws at me…Read More about Karin’s Story

Michelle R



“I am at my lowest weight in 10 years and have never felt better! Before joining I had to take oxycontin to manage my lower back pain. Since being at Renew Fitness I have been off the pain medication completely!… Read More about Donna’s Story


Success Stories: Dina lost 14 pounds!

Dina m.

windham, NH

“Maintaining good health is essential. As a caregiver I’ve always put myself last. My commitment to this program and my trainers was my stepping stone for a better lifestyle. I feel a significant difference in my overall well-being…Read More about Dina’s Story



After my life changed dramatically in late 2013, I found myself having to figure out just who I am and what I wanted from life. It took over a year to figure out that I needed to make some changes both physically and mentally…Read More about Diane’s Story

Success Stories: Liz is training for a half marathon

Liz B.

Hampstead, NH

“Renew Fitness has completely changed the way I approach fitness and exercise. For years I convinced myself exercise was an obstacle I would never overcome…Read More About Liz’s Story

Michelle R (Salem, NH)

Michelle r.

salem, nh

When I walked into Renew Fitness, I was simply looking for a convenient place to increase my activity level on a weekly basis. What I found was a “family” …Read more about Michelle’s story

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