Small Group Personal Training that delivers results

Renew Fitness believes each woman deserves to look and feel her best. Offering a complete health program for women through highly trained certified instructors, Renew Fitness is helping members not only achieve their goals, but surpass them.

We understand that everyone has different needs and limitations, which is why our certified personal trainers will work closely with members to meet individual needs. Renew Fitness is determined to make sure that our members are just as happy with the process of getting fit as they are with their physical results.

Our team gives each member the tools they need to change themselves for the better. In order to ensure ongoing, long-lasting results, our personal training sessions are catered to you! At Renew Fitness, you can expect to tone muscle, lose weight, build endurance, increase flexibility, and understand the importance of providing proper fuel for the body.


Tone Muscle

So many women think that strength training will make them look bulky instead of slim. The truth is, muscle burns fat and speeds up your metabolism. By increasing muscle mass, you will actually burn more calories throughout the day.Renew Fitness will create custom sessions for each member to maximize results and work with any limitations to meet your needs. Our workouts are designed to avoid a plateau and keep you interested by regularly introducing new fitness routines and techniques.

Lose Weight

To maximize results, we will introduce you to cardio through interval training. Interval training is a form of cardio that burns fat quicker in less time and enables you to reach your goals sooner. Our cardio workouts will get your heart beating fast, in turn burning more calories in a shorter period of time and accelerating weight loss.


Through interval training, we will be able to manage your heart rate for optimal results, building endurance for future workouts.




Stretching can often be overlooked. At Renew Fitness, we believe that increasing flexibility is a crucial element to success. Not only will proper stretching help prevent injuries and relax the muscles, it will also improve appearance by lengthening muscles and giving you an overall lean, toned look.Every personal training session at Renew Fitness will conclude with 10 minutes of stretching, leaving you feeling and looking your best.


We believe proper nutrition is fuel and is a crucial element for success. Our team will work with your individual needs to develop a nutrition plan that is enjoyable and works for you. Healthy doesn’t need to be boring, which is why we regularly feature healthy recipe options on our blog.


We want to break the mold of fitness franchises, which is why our highly trained staff make themselves available to offer additional advice and support both when you’re at our studio and in-between sessions.

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